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Our Current Animals

Name Description Status
Bella Very active, playful and will need lots of work on training. In treatment for worms. Maybe Medical Review
Boo Such a cute and sweet boy but has some heart problems. Ready for Adoption
Colonel Meow Requires a lot of grooming to keep his looks up to date. Otherwise well behaved. Ready for Adoption
Doug Extremely photogenic and likes a nice lifestyle. Ready for Adoption
George Very well behaved. Likes to sit and get petted. Ready for Adoption
Grumpy Cat Often exhibits a sour expression and unfriendly demeanor, but actually a nice cat. Ready for Adoption
Lil Bub The runt of the litter but still full of spunk. Often demands food. Ready for Adoption
Maraturo So doge. Much coat. Such love. Ready for Adoption
Mr. Bubz Might be a demon. Has a strange growl and does not like many people. Ready for Adoption
Pharaohcious An Egyptian queen with a feisty personality. Obviously, she is the best kitty in the world. Adopted
Porgy Porgy is super wiggly and just wants to have fun. Very smart and trainable. Will be available soon. Quarantine
Punky Brewster A permanent member of the good boy club. Punky loves walks, toys and everyone. Adopted
Stubbs Recently arrived from Alaska. Thinks he is mayor. Ready for Adoption